madre trevo tray mahogany solid wood with replaceable top

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Tear Stool—Long

Tear Stool is part stool part storage unit. With its cool blue elastic rope shelf it can work as a storage unit or a long fun stool to place at the table.
The elastic rope stretches to fit your needs.

Tear is part of a stool/storage set with 3 different sizes that fit together.
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Tear stool exists with cool blue elastic rope and warm pink tops and can be produced with custom colours by mail order. 

Made from solid ash wood and colored elastic rope.
300 x 900 x 460 mm

100% Handmade.
Made in Portugal.

Please note: Photos are only indicative. Each item is 100% handmade and may differ slightly.
This product is currently on PRE-SALE and it will be produced early 2021.


*Pre-sale orders are special to us. They help us go forward with the products we love and want to have as part of our brand family. Therefore we apply very special prices to the first ones who believe in this product. After presale this item will have another price.